Becoming the right man for a woman


Nowadays it is a trend to become a man that women desire. There are a lot of stories about men that treat women poorly just to show their point. This happens because guys suddenly decided that only douchebags manage to get the best women. You shouldn`t agree with this. You should know some things about what women find most desirable in men.

First of all, a man has to be a challenge. A lot of women are less attracted by eager men. Another study has shown that women consider a good guy to have a lot of qualities such as physically attractiveness, romantic and exciting. Our brains release more dopamine when we have to face with unpredictable patterns that lead to subconscious attraction.

In order to become a challenging man, you should take use of some tips. First of all, you will have to keep your options open. You shouldn`t be focused on only one romantic prospect. If you do so, you will become attached. It will be terrifying to lose your only opportunity and you shouldn`t do this.

Another thing you should do is to take more chances. Just message a lot of women on online dating sites and talk to people everywhere. You can even go to social events in order to meet a lot of people. You shouldn`t be that agreeable. You shouldn`t be dishonest with a girl. Try to always be yourself and learn more about your interests.

You should take into consideration the fact that you shouldn`t be afraid to disagree her. You shouldn`t be insulting or attacking their beliefs. A woman shouldn`t always agree with you, but it is a good thing that she would respect your opinions. If she doesn`t respect your opinions it only means that she isn`t the right choice for you.

Compliments can be a powerful tool. It is a great way to connect with someone, but if you always give compliments their effect will be weakened. Another thing that you should do will be to hold people to your standards. You should start ask the woman you like personal and intimate questions. You will need to show her that you have standards.

Another thing you should always keep in mind is to not try to buy a woman`s affection early on. This will only make the woman question your motives. You can buy her a drink from time to time.